Sponsoring NUS Hackers

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring NUS Hackers. We’re building a community of passionate programmers in NUS, and sponsoring these events is a good way to get your name known if you’re interested in recruiting from the university.

If there are particular events you’re interested in funding, or particular kinds of events you’d like to see, please let us know which and how much you’re willing to contribute. If you don’t have a particular event in mind, donations are still welcomed as we are always in need of funds we can apply across events. In either case we will gladly give your company credit at events we fund using your contributions, as well as on our website.

Below is a list of events that we organize on a regular basis, along with recommended donation amounts.

Friday Hacks

Friday Hacks are weekly meetings where we get 1-2 people to do technical talks, followed by a hacking session. For four weeks at the beginning of each semester, we have only 1 speaker followed a themed hackathon. The idea is to have people come share their hacks, research and knowledge at such meetings. We serve dinner at every Friday Hacks (usually Canadian pizza) to encourage hanging out, and require funds for doing so. We request a minimum of $350 per meeting to cover the costs of food.


Every semester, we hold a series of technical workshops called Hackerschool series. How many workshops we can run is contingent on how much funds we raise. We usually aim to hold 6 workshops covering web and mobile development, unix and hardware hacking. Again, the primary expenses during workshops are food: we request a minimum of $300 per workshop for food and miscellaneous expenses (such as posters, flyers, and so on). We also request a minimum of $500 for our hardware workshop to cover the equipment costs.


We have a small team of hardware hackers in NUS Hackers, and they frequently have to pay out of their own pockets for Arduinos, chips, and shields. Any and all contributions are welcomed for this effort (a typical hardware project costs around $200).


We also maintain the NUS Hackerspace. We aim to provide hardware and software capabilities to students for them to use in their projects. Any software, hardware and monetary sponsorship for equipping NUS Hackerspace with more technology is more than welcome.

Get in touch

If any of these sound like events you’d like to sponsor, please let us know. We’ll keep you posted about upcoming events, and you are welcome to send a representative or two to check them out and meet students (though if you do, please note that we keep our students pretty occupied at these events.)

Thank you so much for your interest.