As far as possible, we try to record down all our events if the speaker consents. Here are the links to the recordings. Enjoy!

AY 18/19 Semester 2

  • Friday Hacks 168 (Feb 15 2019)
    1. WebRTC: Real Time Media Revolution by Alexandre Gouaillard (CoSMo Software): Watch
    2. Microservices Monitoring by Louay Mohamed and Vladimir Dimitrov (TransferWise): Watch
  • Friday Hacks 169 (Feb 22 2019)
    1. Algorithms in the real world by Amy Nguyen (Stripe): Watch
    2. Productivity with Free Software by Jethro Kuan (NUS Hackers): Watch
  • Friday Hacks 171 (Mar 22 2019)
    1. RX Java: Reactive extensions for the JVM by Junaik Sakib and Arun Sivakumar (Circles.Life): Watch
    2. Reliable and scalable workflows with AWS Step Functions by Tan Quang Ngo (Viki): Watch
  • Friday Hacks 172 (Mar 29 2019)
    1. Structuring and working with data in Haskell by Noel Kwan: Watch
  • Friday Hacks 173 (Apr 5 2019)
    1. From a monolith, rewriting Soompi’s backend by Liu Weiyuan (Viki): Watch
    2. Scraping Carousell: Scraping server-side rendered React apps by Dexter Leng: Watch
  • Friday Hacks 174 (Apr 12 2019)
    1. Introduction to GPU programming with Metal by Omer Iqbal: Watch
    2. Hacking on the Linux kernel by Tee Hao Wei (NUS Hackers): Watch
  • Hackerschool recordings can be found here