Friday Hacks #93, April 17

For the final Friday Hacks of the semester, we'll be having Melvin Zhang, lead architect from Cosmiqo International, and Mathieu Feulvarch, senior product architect from MyR... Read More

Friday Hacks #92, April 10

We'll be having three security researchers from the Ministry of Home Affairs -- Jacob, Glenn and Damian -- speaking about Web Security this week. See you! Date/Time: F... Read More

Friday Hacks #91, March 27

We'll have two talks this week: Chris (ZALORA) will be talking about how they built and deployed a large scale web application, while Omer (Garena) will be talking about Rea... Read More

Friday Hacks #90, March 20

We'll be having two talks this week! The first will be about building developer communities by Winston Teo, who has organized multiple meetups and conferences over the past ... Read More

Friday Hacks #89, March 6

We're happy to have Haoyi, an engineer from Dropbox, speaking this week about the web infrastructure at Dropbox. See you there! Date/Time: Friday, March 6 at 6:30pm ... Read More

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