Friday Hacks #88, February 13

Ever wanted to get involved in the tech/developer community but don't know where to start? Come down to Friday Hacks this week to learn about it! Date/Time: Friday, Fe... Read More

Friday Hacks #87, February 6

This week's topic will be on an introduction to deep learning and neural networks by Shawn Tan. See you there! Date/Time: Friday, February 6 at 6:30pm Venue: ... Read More

Friday Hacks #86, January 30

We will be having two talks this Friday! One is on software (databases), the other one is on hardware (Bluetooth), and both speakers are named Cedric. What are the chances? See ... Read More

Friday Hacks #85, January 23

This Friday, we'll be having Sundaravalli Shriram from PayPal speaking about an introduction to functional programming in Scala. See you there! Date/Time: Friday, Janu... Read More

Friday Hacks #84, January 16

Welcome back! For the first Friday Hacks of the semester, we have Benjamin Tan, Software Engineer at Neo Innovation, Inc., sharing about a new programming language named Elixir,... Read More

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