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Friday Hacks

  1. Seminar Room 3, NUS School of Computing (COM1-0212)
    • Editor War: Vim

      Herbert Ilhan Tanujaya (NUS Hackers)
    • Editor War: Emacs

      Jethro Kuan (NUS Hackers)
  2. Hack & Roll 2018, no Friday Hacks
  3. Seminar Room 3, NUS School of Computing (COM1-0212)
    • Paper Electronic: Better for Electrons, Better for Expression

      Bunnie Huang and Dr Jie Qi (Chibitronics)
    • 3 Projects on Computer System Performance

      Prof Tay Yong Chiang (NUS School of Computing)
  4. Seminar Room 1, Town Plaza, University Town (UT22-02-04A)
    • Mobile Chatbots

      Arun Sivakumar and Xyriz Tan (Circles.Life)
    • Using Recurrent Neural Networks in Anomaly Detection of Failures in UAV

      Lu Jia Hui (SAF)
  5. Lunar New Year, no Friday Hacks
  6. TBC
    • A Gentle Introduction to Blockchain

      Parth Pokar (Maltem Consulting Group)
  7. Recess Week, no Friday Hacks
  8. TBC
    • Introduction to Kubernetes

      Johannes Choo (NUS Hackers)
    • Reality Hybridation: from Biology to Digits

      Joaquin Keller (Entrepreneur First)
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  1. Seminar Room 3 COM1, School of Computing, National University of Singapore

    How to Git Gud (Introduction to Git)

  2. NUS School of Computing, COM1 02-02 (Makers@SoC), 13 Computing Drive, 117417

    Introduction to Electronics (Arduino)

  3. SR3, Town Plaza (Level 2), University Town, NUS

    Using Docker for Deployment

  4. SR3, Town Plaza (Level 2), University Town, NUS

    Introduction to TensorFlow

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