Friday Hacks #119, September 30

This week, we have Benjamin from DSO and James from nuTonomy, both talking about Autonomous Vehicles. See you there! Facebook event here. Date/Time: Friday, September 30 ... Read More

Digest: Do you wanna PCB?

The scHnRk and Neander was born in the first half of this year. Designed and Assembled in Singapore, these boards represent leaps of faith into the unknown world of electronics... Read More

Friday Hacks #118, September 16

This week we have Yos from PayPal and Yong Wen from IDA talking about some of the things they work on. See you there! Facebook Event here. Date/Time: Friday, September 1... Read More

Friday Hacks #117, September 9

This week, we have Melvin from Cosmiqo talking about Programs that play better than us, and Zhi An from our Coreteam talking about Chromelens. See you there! Facebook Event her... Read More

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