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In view of COVID-19, all our events are now hosted online!

Friday Hacks

  1. #190:
    Online on Zoom
    • NUS Hackers Welcome Tea

      NUS Hackers Coreteam
  2. #191:
    Online on Zoom
    • Project Intern

      NUS Hackers Coreteam
  3. #192:
    Online on Zoom
    • Everything about Randomness

      Herbert Ilhan Tanujaya (Traverse Technologies)
    • Reinforcement Learning with Ray RLlib

      Dean Wampler (Domino Data Lab)
  4. No Friday Hacks
  5. #193:
    Online on Zoom
    • How does it look like working as a Fintech developer?

    • API Design Patterns

      JJ Geewax (Google)
  6. No Friday Hacks
  7. No Friday Hacks
  8. #194:
    Online on Zoom
    • TDD Changed My Life

      Jake (Indeed)
    • Using machine learning for creating optimal strategies

      Denis (Alphalab Capital)
  9. #195:
    Online on Zoom
    • Online Algorithms Made Easy

      Harry Ross (Jane Street)
    • Our Journey with Kubernetes, One Year in Production

      Jiang Huan (Titansoft)
  10. #196:
    Online on Zoom
    • A Look Under the Hood of Stripe.js

      Ankita Gupta (Stripe)
    • A Brief Tour of CPython Internals

      Joel Lee (NUS Hackers)
  11. No Friday Hacks
  12. #197:
    Online on Zoom
    • Resurgence of AI in Travel and Tourism

      Desmond Sek (Xaltius)
    • Stream processing with Kafka Stream

      Nguyen Truong Khanh (Zendesk)
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Hacker Tools

  1. Online on Zoom

    Virtual machines and installing Ubuntu

  2. Online on Zoom

    Shell and scripting

  3. Online on Zoom

    CLI data wrangling

  4. Online on Zoom

    Web browser customisation, and online security and privacy

  5. Online on Zoom

    CLI debugging and profiling

  6. Online on Zoom


More events


  1. Seminar Room 1, COM1, NUS

    Introduction to Git and GitHub

  2. LT15, AS6, NUS

    Introduction to HTML/CSS

  3. Seminar Room 1, COM1, NUS

    Web development with Rails

  4. Seminar Room 3, COM1, NUS

    Introduction to PowerShell

  5. Seminar Room 1, COM1, NUS

    Introduction to Bayesian Networks

  6. Seminar Room 1, COM1, NUS

    Introduction to Augmented and Virtual Reality

  7. Seminar Room 1, COM1, NUS

    Developing Telegram Bots using Python

  8. Seminar Room 1, COM1, NUS

    Introduction to Rust

  9. Seminar Room 1, COM1, NUS

    Basic Python + Programming Crash Course

  10. Seminar Room 1, COM1, NUS

    Fun Data Visualisations & Data Wrangling with Python

  11. Seminar Room 1, COM1, NUS

    Introduction to Machine Learning with Python

  12. Online on Zoom

    Introduction to Python

  13. Online on Zoom

    Automation with Python

  14. Online on Zoom

    Introduction to Git

  15. Online on Zoom

    HTML & CSS

  16. Online on Zoom

    Markov Chain Monte Carlo

  17. Online on Zoom


  18. Online on Zoom

    React Concurrent Mode

  19. Online on Zoom


  20. Online on Zoom


  21. Online on Zoom

    Advanced Git

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