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In view of COVID-19, all our events are now hosted online!

Friday Hacks

  1. #198:
    Online on Zoom
    • How Fluminu(r)s was Built

      Julius Putra Tanu Setiaji (NUS alumnus)
    • URA - Space Out Project

      Jazreel Siew (Urban Redevelopment Authority)
  2. No Friday Hacks
  3. #199:
    Online on Zoom
    • Relational Programming in miniKanren

      William Byrd (University of Alabama at Birmingham)
    • Implementing a Kanren from the Ground Up

      Jason Hemann (Northeastern University)
  4. No Friday Hacks
  5. #200:
    Online on Zoom
    • No-Code:The future of software development?

      Edward Hutchins (ThoughtWorks)
    • 10 Things We Learnt at YCombinator

      Thet Lin Thu (Traverse)
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Hacker Tools

  1. Online on Zoom

    Virtual machines and installing Ubuntu

  2. Online on Zoom

    Shell and scripting

  3. Online on Zoom

    CLI data wrangling

  4. Online on Zoom

    Web browser customisation, and online security and privacy

  5. Online on Zoom

    CLI debugging and profiling

  6. Online on Zoom


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  1. Seminar Room 1, COM1, NUS

    Introduction to Git and GitHub

  2. LT15, AS6, NUS

    Introduction to HTML/CSS

  3. Seminar Room 1, COM1, NUS

    Web development with Rails

  4. Seminar Room 3, COM1, NUS

    Introduction to PowerShell

  5. Seminar Room 1, COM1, NUS

    Introduction to Bayesian Networks

  6. Seminar Room 1, COM1, NUS

    Introduction to Augmented and Virtual Reality

  7. Seminar Room 1, COM1, NUS

    Developing Telegram Bots using Python

  8. Seminar Room 1, COM1, NUS

    Introduction to Rust

  9. Seminar Room 1, COM1, NUS

    Basic Python + Programming Crash Course

  10. Seminar Room 1, COM1, NUS

    Fun Data Visualisations & Data Wrangling with Python

  11. Seminar Room 1, COM1, NUS

    Introduction to Machine Learning with Python

  12. Online on Zoom

    Introduction to Python

  13. Online on Zoom

    Automation with Python

  14. Online on Zoom

    Introduction to Git

  15. Online on Zoom

    HTML & CSS

  16. Online on Zoom

    Markov Chain Monte Carlo

  17. Online on Zoom


  18. Online on Zoom

    React Concurrent Mode

  19. Online on Zoom


  20. Online on Zoom


  21. Online on Zoom

    Advanced Git

  22. Online on Zoom

    Telegram Bots

  23. Online on Zoom


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  • Friday Hacks #200, February 19

    Mon, Feb 8 • 2 min read
    What if you could “code” by drawing pictures? How does a Silicon Valley summer pan out for a NOC alumnus’ startup? Join us to answer these, and more! more
  • Friday Hacks #199, February 5

    Mon, Jan 25 • 2 min read
    Think OOP is passé? Love declarative code? Join the authors of the “The Reasoned Schemer” in the wonder of logic programming. more
  • Friday Hacks #198, January 22

    Tue, Jan 19 • 2 min read
    Tired of LumiNUS? Want to know which malls are the most crowded? Tune in for the first Friday Hack of the year, with talks about Fluminus, a hack … more
  • Friday Hacks #197, November 06

    Fri, Oct 30 • 2 min read
    This week, we’ll be talking about using AI to optimize revenue and uptake in tourism, and using Kafka to handle 2 billion triggers a day! more
  • Hacker Tools: LaTeX

    Tue, Oct 20 • 1 min read
    This week, we’ll be introducing the well-known LaTeX document preparation system used widely across fields to prepare high-quality documents, … more
  • Friday Hacks #196, October 23

    Tue, Oct 13 • 2 min read
    Tune to know how Stripe.js works behind the scenes, and the nuts-and-bolts details of our favourite Leetcode language - Python. more
  • Friday Hacks #195, October 16

    Fri, Oct 9 • 2 min read
    Changing Walls on Jane Street - converting static models to self-adjusting ones, and a tryst with Kubernetes! more

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