Our room's gettin' popula'!!

Posted on by jmarki

Hmm, it seems that we have more and more people popping over to the society room (SOC1-03-19). There are days when I even lose my favourite seat! =p

Well, it may be due to a lot more people having a key, such as Lufeng, Luqman, Kevin, Zhuoru and me. Or it may be that Luqman the Quartermaster has ensured the tidiness and cleaniness. Whatever the reason, we always welcome more people into the room, “We are Open” after all…

We do have a lot of stuff inside: 4 giant desks, 8 seats, 8 computers, 1 imac (yes, the green apple), lots of books, ethernet connections, and the best deal of all, it’s air-conditioned… All lovingly taken care of by Luqman. =)

Come join us there! Once again, our room is at SOC1-03-19.

– Junhao

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