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Posted on by Ruiwen

On 20 Mar, linuxNUS played host to a group of 12 students from the Multimedia University (MMU) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The MMU students were mainly IT undergraduates, and had decided to pay a visit to NUS to learn more about the workings of our IT infrastructure, and at the same time to check out the facilities that we enjoy here at NUS.

We started the day first with a tour of the SoC Datacenter, paying special attention to the Tembusu Linux Cluster. This was quite an eye-opener, since even I as an SoC student, have not been in there. The MMU students (and us!) learnt how the data center was set up, taking in the sights, including the rack of connected car batteries which served as the Data Center’s Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).

After a lunch at the Arts Canteen (Good, cheap food!, say the MMU students), our ragtag bunch proceeded across campus towards the main Data Center in NUS, the NUS Computer Center. Once again, at Computer Center, we toured the facilities and the server set ups, learning more about hot and cold lanes and their purposes.

Armed with enough knowledge about Data Centers to probably set one up on our own, we then made our way over to the Faculty of Engineering, where we paid a visit to Professor Adrian Cheok’s Mixed Reality Lab (MXR). Now this was a good break from servers and such, as the friendly staff from MXR demonstrated the various applications in mixed reality that they’ve been working on.

We checked out projects ranging from the interactive Age Invaders, to the outright cool Media Me.

Though that concluded the tour for the day, this was the first time linuxNUS has played host to visitors from outside NUS, and it gave us a networking (of the human kind) opportunity that we haven’t had the chance to be part of before.

To our MMU friends, it was a great pleasure showing you guys around our campus, and we really hope you enjoyed the tour.

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