The Life Scientist goes Linux-ing

Posted on by Luther Goh Lu Feng

Hello there,

This is Lu Feng signing in to kick off the guest blogger series on Basically we will have one guest blogger contributing at least one article each week. So yours truly had started writing this since Wednesday but only had time to finish this today. I will hand over to the next guest blogger on Monday.

Contrary to popular belief, I am actually not an SoC or Comp Engin student. Yours truly is actually a Life Sciences Major :o. I am the living testimony of how far Linux has come today in terms of usability, since I had absolutely no programming/geek background whn I first started off.

In a nutshell, my venture into Linux, started after my Windows installation crashed for the x_th time in 2005. And I decided that I had enough of crashes. So I decided to try out Linux. You can find me active in the linuxNUS mailing list, forums and irc channel (ie #linuxnus on

I have just graduated from NUS. Currently, I just working at TYLER Projects. It’s a pretty nice place to work in :) The working hours are pretty flexible. And today my boss called me to join in a DOTA game during my working hours. I also am pleased to have a lot of freedom to do my own stuff, like chatting away on IM or Facebooking away :p (I hope I get a raise for writing this :p)

Currently, I am doing some PR work and might be coding my 1st Facebook app if my boss thinks I got the cut for it. Keeps fingers crossed.

Till my next post….

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