Non Sequitur

Posted on by iced


So … I am somewhat relieved that I managed to install OpenSUSE 11.0 on my laptop, in a separate partition, just the way Linux should be run. It wasn’t accepting any sort of Ubuntu CD before, though it did give me some excuse to tangle with Lilo… really long story that doesn’t belong here, hence the title.

But I’d like to remind you guys that even though lots of our events are based around Ubuntu, and more collaboration with Ubuntu-SG is in the works, there are plenty of other distros out there, and there has to be one that suits you.

… Yes, I heard you say Windows Vista. Nice try, go back to chroot jail; do not pass go, do not collect $200. If the rest of you are interested in checking out other distros, I’d recommend DistroWatch :) as I’d mentioned before at the recent Install Fest.

There, I’ve made a QuickPress not so quick, and managed to link a non sequitur back to the previous post. If only everything in my life was this successful ;)

P.S. It is purely coincidence that we might be inviting OpenSUSE, well the meetup group anyway, to NUS somewhere down the line. Really.

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