Live blogging at LXDE Talk Mar 09

Posted on by Luther Goh Lu Feng


After talking about the business opportunities with LXDE, Mario is now talking about the community at LXDE.

An interesting fact about LXDE Project is that the founder of the Project, alias PCMan, is actually a medical doctor!

A very prominent member of the LXDE community is Klaus Knopper, also the creator of Knoppix LiveCD. In fact, the recent release of Knoppix has moved from having KDE to LXDE as the default desktop environment.

One of the key messages from Mario is that an Open Source Project need both technical and non-technical members, as well as people with wide diversity in order for an Open Source Project to be successful.

Mario also gave an anecdote of a student in Taiwan who actively contributed to LXDE. This student enjoyed development work and was netted an internship with the Open Source Foundry in Taiwan, due to his involvement and experience with Open Source Development..

Mario also mentioned that he is able to get openSUSE to sponsor usb sticks if anyone is able to produce a light version of openSUSE with LXDE.

To be updated: Details steps on how to contribute to the LXDE project and GSOC LXDE Projects.

Todo: Help LXDE advertise abt GSOC to the Singapore Universities.

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