linuxNUS presents: LXDE's Mario Behling!

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Hello friends of Open Source, and strangers round the world!

You’re all invited to NUS to listen to Mario Behling talk about LXDE next Wednesday, 11 March! The talk will be held at the SOC1 building, in SR4 on the 6th level. Registration starts at 6.30pm; the event proper commences at 7. However, do leave us your particulars at // first!


If you’re on Facebook, there are more details here! … Well, maybe you shouldn’t come if you’re a bit too strange… but who are we to judge, right? ;)

============================================================== Every Linux user would have heard of Gnome or KDE. But there are a lot of other desktop environments too! Why don’t you try out LXDE?

“Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment” (LXDE) is a fast, performance and energy saving desktop environment for Linux maintained by an international community of developers. It comes with a beautiful interface, multi-language support, standard keyboard short cuts, tabbed file browsing and more! Designed to use less CPU and less RAM, LXDE is especially suitable for hardware with low specifications like netbooks, mobile devices (e.g. MIDs) or older computers, providing a fast desktop experience.

Mario Behling, President of the LXDE Foundation, will share with local students on how to contribute to the LXDE Project on both the technical and non-technical aspects of the project. Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to meet the man himself during his stopover in Singapore!


  • Open Source and Linux
  • LXDE in different Linux Distributions:
  • Components of LXDE
  • Principles of LXDE
  • The LXDE Community around the world
  • How to join the LXDE project
  • Technical
  • Non-technical
  • Opportunities with Open Source
  • Opportunities for Students
  • Business opportunities
  • News about LXDE
  • Google Summer of Code LXDE Projects
  • How to get involved in GSOC + LXDE
  • Wiki: //
  • LXDE and Android
  • Other development opportunities in other FOSS projects

About Mario Behling Mario Behling is a FOSS advocate known in the international FOSS community through his work for FOSS Bridge, Freifunk and LXDE. Mario, originally from Berlin, has lived in different countries in Asia, Europe and in Australia. He works with business and educational projects like the OLPC project in Afghanistan or FOSS Bridge in Vietnam, where he advises companies on open source business and internationalization strategies and organizes matchmaking events for SMEs. Mario was elected as the president of the LXDE Foundation in 2008. As an active community manager he promotes the LXDE community and coordinates the work of projects like the LXDE Translation Project. As part of his engagement in the free wireless freifunk community he maintains freifunk websites like the wiki ( and the global free wireless newswire (

How to get to the venue:



Update: Photos and post talk dinner

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