Interoperability Group Singapore Meetup Mar 09

Posted on by Luther Goh Lu Feng

Have you heard of Interoperability Group Singapore?

Don’t be surprise if you haven’t. The inaugural meetup for this group has just taken place last week, and linuxNUS sent a small contingent to the event.

From the meetup group and facebook group:

This group is created to be a platform with feet in many worlds. In the good old times it used to be that every hard or software platform was unique and had no or badly defined connections with the other platforms. This was ok because it was not important....

That has changed, new and old operating systems are used throughout the company infrastructures. Applications are now build or bought. Things are open source or propitiatory.. and we are all caught in the middle.

But this also creates new chances and options. Will you run your new website on Microsoft Windows or on one of the available Linux platforms.. or maybe on Solaris.. and why would you do that.

How do you manage all these different systems and are there other options.

These are the questions that we try to answer, and maybe raise some new ones and offer them to the vendors or suppliers of these platforms. We want people to come together and discuss these options or to show their solutions.

If you want to be a part of this, or just want information. Come to us. We have our meeting every 4th Wednesday of the month.

Just for the record, this is about technology.. not philosophy. We just want it to work, its business.

Of course, there is always the post event dinner which was necessary to keep give us energy for hacking :) More photos at the facebook album.

Dinner!! O.o
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