Microsoft CodePlex Talk: SourceForge à la Redmond

Posted on by iced

For those of you still not in the know, Microsoft has moved towards an open source model with their launch of the CodePlex. Our friend Neng Giin pointed out that Microsoft views community development as a mutually beneficial effort, and is, in its own way, supporting the growth of a community of developers.

Ngiin in action

Of course, many of you have already downloaded Windows and Linux applications off SourceForge. If you take a look at the interface for downloading applications and source code via CodePlex, you’ll see many similarities there with the SourceForge layout. But then again, why reinvent a good idea, right?

Either way, it isn’t too bad that the Seattle giants are taking up the idea of sharing code. Do check out some of the projects on CodePlex, and maybe contribute one or two to the mix! (A set of wrappers allowing Windows programs to call Linux system calls, maybe?) It’s really easy to add a project, just sign up for an account, verify it, and upload your code :)

It may be weird to see an open source interest group, especially one with Linux in its name, promote a Microsoft product, as it were - but I feel there is much room for open-mindedness in the open source community, for it is a rare quality among us. Let’s code and let code!

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