Python Meetup Jul 09

Posted on by Luther Goh Lu Feng

4th Singapore Python User Group Meeting

SMU School of Information Systems NSR 2.1 What

When Jul 16, 2009 from 07:00 pm to 09:00 pm Where SMU School of Information Systems NSR 2.1

We’ve got exciting topics lined up for our coming meeting. Mark out your diary guys!

Planned Program

Topic : DigiBanner : An Interactive Multi-Screen Network Application Speaker : Morgan Heijdemann Synopsis : In this talk, Morgan will demonstrate the capabilities of Python in delivering a desktop realtime application. It shows the use of sockets (client/server), (queued) threading, the power of pickle, pyglet and the integration of wiiMotes. The application was developed with help of students in less than a month.

Topic : Using Google Application Engine and Amazon Web Services Together Speaker : Chris Boesch Synopsis : In this talk, Chris will discuss an application that he has developed using the Google Application Engine (GAE) and Amazon Web Services (AWS). The application is designed to leverage the identity, scalability, and availability provided by GAE to implement public interfaces and then utilize Amazon EC2 and S3 where the GAE restrictions are too limiting. Python is used to implement both the GAE application code and code running in Amazon EC2 instances.

Topic : PUG Speaker : Liew Beng Keat Synopsis : Python User Group (Singapore) is now a registered society. Beng Keat will introduce the members of the Pro-Tem committee and share plans for the society moving forward and in view of PyCon 2010.

Topic : Lightning Talks Speaker : Open Invitation. Come on guys! Synopsis : All (personal) projects that you have done using Python. If you’ve never given a talk before, Lightning Talks are a good place to start. You don’t need to make slides, but if you do, you only need to make three.

Any volunteers for talks for future sessions, pls do drop an email to

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