Singapore Perl Mongers Meetup Apr 09

Posted on by Luther Goh Lu Feng

Hey everybody,

The decisions have been made, the timetables have been drawn up; the first Singapore Perl Mongers meetup (codenamed “Adagio”) will be this Saturday (August 1, 2009) at the Earshot Cafe [1] at The Arts House [2] (the Old Parliament Building; it’s right behind Victoria Concert Hall near the Singapore river) from 4pm to 7pm in the afternoon/evening. The meetup will then break for drinks or boardgames or whatever.

We don’t have a fixed agenda for this meetup; Patrick Haller offered a talk on creating a common runtime environment for a repository of Perl scripts, and I don’t mind talking about joining in on core module, perl6 or even perl5 development with GitHub, so we’ve got a bunch of things to talk about (if the Earshot Cafe isn’t too crowded).

Personally, I’m just interested in meeting up with all of you and finding out what Perl is used for in Singapore, and how can help promote Perl in Singaporean companies and to Singaporean students.

Please let me know if you need directions, want to ask questions or would like to suggest or volunteer talks; my e-mail address is If you want to promote this event on Facebook, I’ve created an “Event” to make that easier [3].

See you all there!

cheers, Gaurav

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Source: linuxNUS mailing list archives

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