linuxNUS Hackfest the Third: Hack Reality

Posted on by Ruiwen

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s time once again for yet another linuxNUS Hackfest!

What do we do at Hackfests you ask? Well it’s all right there isn’t it? We hack on stuff! And no, it’s nothing your mother would be ashamed of, either.

At linuxNUS Hackfests, you’re free to work on whichever development project you want to, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Importantly, you get to meet and interact with other hackers, and hopefully everyone gets to pass a little knowledge around. The more knowledge is shared, the more everyone benefits! Isn’t that great!

For those interested, there will also be a group of fellow hackers who will be concentrating on looking at Augmented Reality development at the Hackfest as well. If that floats your boat, you know what you have to do this weekend, no?

So, make a date with linuxNUS and your inner (or outer, even) hacker  this Saturday, 8 Aug, and let the code run wild.

Time: 1pm till late

Venue: Microsoft ,1 Marina Boulevard, #22-01 One Marina Boulevard, Singapore 018989


For those intending to attend the Hackfest, please do fill out the form at the link below.

We know it’s not usual practice to collect information like that for linuxNUS Hackfests, but this time security at the venue has explicitly requested for such information (Name, NRIC/FIN/etc) in order to grant access. Rest assured the information collected will be used for the purpose mentioned above, and for that only. Collection of email addresses is solely for the use of provisioning for guest wireless accounts at the venue and nothing else.

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