[Podcast] Episode 3: Software Freedom Day 09

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Software Freedom Day

It’s the time of  year again! It’s time to raise your hands in cheer to celebrate Free and Open Source Software! Go shout it from the mountain tops! Go dancing in the street!

Or… maybe not the dancing, shouting bit.

Software Freedom Day is here again though, for sure, this time round spearheaded by the newly formed Free and Open Source Alliance. We speak to Tom Goh and Darrel Chua, founders of FOSA to find out more about what Software Freedom Day is all about.

SFD 09 will be held at the National Library at Bugis on September 18 (Friday) and 19 (Saturday). If you’re a business person, manager or systems integrator looking to include open source technology in your tool set, make time for the talks on Friday (Possibility Room, 5th Floor, National Library). Otherwise, if you prefer it slightly more technical, check out the technical track, to be held on Saturday (2nd-floor seminar rooms, SMU School of Information Systems, SMU).

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