Singapore Python User Group Oct Meetup

Posted on by Luther Goh Lu Feng

Date: 15th October 2009 (Thursday) Time: 7 pm to 9+ pm Venue: Singapore Management University, SIS (School of Information System) Seminar Room 2.2

Planned program :

* Python Games Development in 60 minutes (as a Mini Sprint) – Mr. Morgan Heijdemann

Pre-requisites : Because this is a mini-sprint, you need to bring your laptop computer for the hands-on. Pre-installations : Please have python 2.52.6 and pyglet 1.1.3 installed beforehand. (//

* Python Programming on Your Browser – Dr. Liew Beng Keat

* PyCon - Call for Papers (Stand up Singapore!) – Dr. Maurice Ling

· PUG website – Connecting our Community – Mr. Abhaya Shenoy

* Lightning talks - Open Invitation.

More details at the website.

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