linuxNUS @ HackerspaceSG Christmas party

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From HackerspaceSG Christmas party Facebook page

We are 1 month old, and we’re celebrating it by throwing ourselves a Christmas Party! This event is similar to our open house party!

We’ll be catering some halal food from around the area. If you can bring more food, that will be great! Just make sure it is halal, or if not, indicate it isn’t.

Drinks will be available, including Wine, and some alcohol. As usual, contributions to our pot of donations will be appreciated.

We’re also going to have a gift exchange in the form of a game. So bring some physical gift which cost no more than $15, wrap it up, hide it, and come up with clues! The smaller the gift, the easier to hide. evil laughter Oh and you don’t have to bring a gift to attend the party, but you won’t be able to play the game (I think??). :)

Join us for our party now!!!

A few of us will gather there for the party. If you want to join us, detail of the time and venue is as follow:

Date: Friday, 18 Decemer 2009

Time: 19:00 - 23:55

Location: HackerspaceSG , 70A Bussorah Street, Singapore

And please remember to RSVP on Facebook ;)

See you there

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