Hack Workshop Series Workshop #2 Material

Posted on by angad

Hey Hey! We know we are late with putting up the materials for the 2nd workshop that was on Mercurial Version control system. The penguins were really busy with studies.

The slides for the presentation are available at: //rctay.github.com/nus-hack-vcs/ Usage: left/right to control flow; ‘c’ to show the contents; to jump to a slide. Due to time constraints, we left out some details, particularly on the collaborative part, the one which we talked about so much at the beginning, but not to worry - here are some sites to aid you in your journey with VCS: //hginit.com/ A simple and easy-to-understand tutorial for Mercurial from the ground up. This is likely to be the best way to learn Mercurial. //mercurial.selenic.com/wiki/Tutorial

The “official” tutorial. //hgbook.red-bean.com/read/index.html

An online book on Mercurial. Detailed, with some practical examples on various topics, including collaboration.

The Hack Workshop Series, sponsored by IDA Singapore, equips geeks/non-geeks with a good base in development and idea execution.

It is co-organized with NES, Garag3, e27, Hackerspace and NOC Alumni.

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