Hackfest! Hacking education

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linuxNUS is back with a much awaited Hackfest(!!!) as part of its Hack Workshop Series. A Hackfest is an event where programmers come together to build something - anything they want! - for profit, experience and fun.

You are invited to join us at the best-suited place for a Hackfest - Singapore’s very own Hackerspace. Hackerspace.SG is a geek’s paradise for such events. You’re likely to meet some of the best developers, hardware hackers and entrepreneurs in Singapore, because the Hackerspace is where they come to hang out after they’re done with work for the day.

The theme of this Hackfest is “Hacking Education”. We’re interested in making digital education better, be it for Singaporean students, or for students around the world. For instance: we’re thinking of doing an overhaul of the NUS IVLE interface. Or setting up a tuition registration system. Or contributing to khanacademy.org website development. (We’re not kidding: it’s really up to you what you want to do)

You’re also welcomed to work on other ideas, of course, that aren’t related to education. Or maybe carry forward a project from the workshops. We’ll be happy to help you out with your execution, and we welcome team formation/participation.

Register here for the Hackfest : //bit.ly/cus6RD

Venue : Hackerspace.SG 70A Bussorah Street Singapore Time : 10am to 6pm (drop in and out as you wish - it’s up to you!) Date : 17th October 2010 Sunday

The Hack Workshop Series, sponsored by IDA Singapore, equips geeks/non-geeks with a good base in development and idea execution.

It is co-organized with NES, Garag3, e27, Hackerspace and NOC Alumni.

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