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Posted on by angad

There are some pretty good videos on hacking, startups and open-source culture. Here is a list of them that I have been collecting since long. You will definitely enjoy them.

Go watch The Social Network first, if you havent and then come back to this list :P

I will keep updating this list by any new I find. Drop me an email, or comment below if you want to add something to this list.


[link] The History of Hacking - Discovery Channel Documentary

[link] The Code Linux

[link] Hackers: Outlaws and Angels

[link] CodeRush - The Netscape Mozilla documentary

[link] Freedom Downtime - The story of Kevin Mitnick

[link] The Google Documentary

[suggested by Darren Teoh]

[link] Revolution OS

[link] The Code Breakers


[link] The Secret History of Silicon Valley - by Steve Blank

[link] Richard Stallman of Free Software Foundation


[link] Pirates of the Silicon Valley - a movie about Apple and Microsoft in their early days.

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