A summer to conquer

Posted on by angad

The NUSHackers Coreteam is working hard over the vacations to take over the world with every line of code. Each one of us is involved in some development or the other and we have some interesting stuff to talk about.

Since I am writing the post, I get to talk about myself first. I am taking part in the Google Summer of Code Program and I am working for Umit Organization. They are involved with network scanning tools and their main product is a user friendly front end to nmap. I am developing a Network Scanner for the Android. It has three components - Host Discovery, Port Scanning and OSFingerPrinting. Most of my code is in Java but I am also writing native code in C++. It has got to do with raw packets, sockets and lots of cool low level networking stuff. You can follow me on GitHub or have a look at the official Project page.

Cedric is working on his startup Pandamian, the easiest way to publish books online. He just finished ePub, txt and PDF conversions. Most of his ePub work is now open sourced on a fork at GitHub. He is also fiddling around with this thing called hackboard - which is a real time noticeboard for hackfests, built on Tornado. He is planning to use it next year for NUS Hacker’s Friday Hacks. There are a couple other things he has been meaning to do - for instance, contributing documentation for Tornado, though he hasnt gotten around to doing that yet. He also wants to switch his personal site to something generated by Hyde.

Laurence is part of the StartupRoots program and is having intense coding fun at Chalkboard, a location based advertisement startup. He says he loves working at Chalkboard because 1. He gets to do real stuff. 2. He feels trusted. 3. Chalkboard guys are great. Laurence had also started the Social Coding initiative which we will soon be updating and working on. The servers are up, the framework is installed. Its just waiting for some code commits :) You can follow Laurence on GitHub.

Divyanshu is also part of the StartupRoots program and is coding in Ruby for PlayMoolah, a financial literacy startup for children.

Shanmugam, the hardware geek, is interning at Johnson Controls and is playing around with FPGA boards, trying to get a hardware decoder for mpeg-3/H.264. He is putting together a retro audio amplifier  with tube amps (yes, the valves). He is also taking part in the NUS iCreate challenge and is creating a web app using Google Web Toolkit.


So thats all from us. Drop us a comment on what you are doing for the vacations. Even if it is reading a book, or writing blood vomiting regex.

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