Friday Hacks #4

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I’m really sorry for the late shoutout on this - tomorrow’s Friday Hacks would be held at Seminar Rooms 1 and 2 at the Tembusu Learning Lobe. (We were late with this because there was some difficulty securing the rooms).

The Tembusu Learning Lobe is the building next to Starbucks/the ERC, if you don’t already know. Quick details:

Time: 7pm-10pm Location: Seminar Rooms 1 and 2 at the Tembusu Learning Lobe Agenda: 1 hour informal talk by Ong Guan Sin, Associate Director of Innovation Development at NUS ComCen on a proposal for Download@NUS (more on that in a bit), and our usual hacking.

I know this is the mid-term week, but I really think you should come and hear Guan Sin out for the first hour. He’s proposing to give NUS Hackers members (meaning: you) terabytes and terabytes of server space, and lots of bandwidth, in order to set up and maintain a download hub in NUS (download here means maintaining a mirror to all the linux distros, as well as perhaps making available large data-sets from Science). In exchange, he wants us to maintain the service, as well as possibly have one or two people to train as sysadmins.

This is a huge opportunity for those of you who are interested in messing around with servers, especially ones with lots of space, and on big pipes. And you may be part of a community of people helping out.

Please come, hang out, listen to his proposal, and hack.

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