Friday Hacks #2

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Update! Venue is now changed to Seminar Room 9, on the second floor of the Education Resource Centre, UTown

Will be held at the Collaborative Commons at UTown. That’s on the first floor of the Education Resource Center (above Starbucks), next to the PC Commons. We’ll be having James Yong over to give an informal, one hour talk about PCB etching, and have gotten the word out to a couple of members to come and listen in.

The rest of us may choose to listen in, or otherwise would be perfectly alright with working on your own stuff, with earphones. We’ve also set up a wiki to get new beginners started on Friday Hacks - be it for their homework, new projects, or other stuff.


Location: Collaborative Commons edit: venue is now changed to Seminar Room 9, Education Resource Centre at University Town. Time: 7.00 - 10.00pm (you may leave at any time, of course). Agenda: As usual, bring what you'd like to work on. And listen in to James's presentation for the first hour if you're interested.

See you there!

PS: The slides from last week’s Welcome Tea may be found here.

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