Friday Hacks #6

Posted on by ejames

For this week’s Friday Hacks, Steven Goh, a 4th year CompSci student will be coming down to share with us “Rapid Web Development the right (Pythonic) way”

(I realize NUS Hackers has been rather Python-biased lately, so in the future, if any of you know other languages (Ruby, Haskell, etc) and want to come share your knowledge with us, by all means just email me :)
Time: 7.00-10.00
Location: University Town, ERC Seminar Room 2
Agenda: Steven will be sharing on Pythonic rapid web development for an hour, and then we’ll be going on with our hackathon.
I’ll also post an update here on Download@NUS if I get something concrete ready by tomorrow.
Notice: the NUS Hackers site will be black till Thursday (a full week) to mourn the passing of Dennis Ritchie, a giant in computing.

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