Friday Hacks #8

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Hi guys,

This week’s Friday Hacks is at UTown Seminar Room 2.

I apologize for the late announcement — I got back from an overseas trip earlier this week, was jetlagged, and there was some communication breakdown in that the coreteam didn’t book a room or secure a speaker until it was too late in the week.

So we’ll have to make-do, I suppose.

In summary: Time: 7-10pm as usual, 4th November Location: Seminar Room 2 ERC @ UTown Agenda: An informal presentation on ebook formats and technical challenges in digital publishing by Cedric (yours truly)

A concise summary of the talk: A Tour Of Digital Publishing Concerns. This talk will give a brief overview of the various ebook formats (EPUB2, EPUB3, .mobi, KF8, MPub) and then proceed to cover the various technical problems in digital publishing. Such problems include ebook distribution (in particular ebook distribution in poor countries, i.e. how do you distribute 100,000 ebooks to a whole region with OLPCs, some solar power or car batteries, but no Internet?), the problem of marginalia (is it possible to have format-agnostic notes in the margins of ebooks? Why is that effort important?), and the challenge of achieving the ‘networked book’.

And … that’s about it. See you there!

Yours, Cedric, NUS Hackers President

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