Not Participating? You're Still Invited To Hack&Roll 2012 (Free Food, Free Hacking!)

Posted on by ejames

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Hi everyone!

You’ve probably realized by now that we’ve got a 24 hour hackathon going on at COM1 Basement, on the 19th to 20th February (that’s this Sunday to Monday).

We know that some of you can’t join for a number of reasons - either you’re too busy, or you’re not sure you can build an app in 24 hours, or you have other things you need to do.

Well, we don’t mind!

We’d like to invite you to come drop by at any time during the hackathon! Come work on your own programming projects, come see how people build apps from scratch, enjoy the environment, the intensity, the free food, and the free coffee! [2]

Time: 19 Feb (Sunday) 1pm - 20th Feb (Monday) 1pm Venue: COM1 Basement 1 Agenda: Bring your laptop, a programming project and some headphones!

And if you’d like, do come down to meet the judges and watch the conclusion of the Hackathon on Monday, at 12pm. We will have Erwan Macé from Google, Sarim Aziz from RIM, Professor Lee Wee Sun from SoC (plus two other judges we’re awaiting confirmation from).

We hope to see you there!

(If you’d like to participate, you will have to pay the $10 registration fee to get a chance to compete for prizes.[1] We have raised enough money for food now, thanks to the kindness of our supporting organizations: IDA and NOC Odyssey Fund; so we’ll be using the money from registrations to fund future Friday Hacks, for the benefit of the NUS developer community).

[1] Currently prizes are:

  • Blackberry Playbook
  • Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000
  • Samsung Galaxy Ace
  • AWS Credits
  • Private GitHub Accounts
  • Free tickets to NUS Startup Weekend (worth $45 each)
  • Free tickets to e27’s Echelon 2012 (worth $60 each)
  • Nokia Goodie Bags

[2] We’re doing this because we want to have as many students as possible exposed to the idea that hacking is fun, is doable, and is beneficial for their future careers! So come join us!

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