Friday Hacks #26, Aug 24

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This week we have Shaw Chian, co-founder of Flocations, and Ruiwen Chua from with us.

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Talk 1: Javascript Without Frameworks: Why we did it, and how painful it was (Shaw Chian, Flocations)

Talk Description: While there are many javascript frameworks to choose from for building web applications these days, the technical team at is not using any of those for their travel discovery site. For the talk at NUS Hackers, I’d like to share the rational behind our choice, the problems we faced in the absence of a javascript framework, and how we worked around those problems.

Speaker Profile: Shaw Chian is one of the founders of Flocations, a travel startup based in Singapore. Prior to Flocations, Shaw Chian has been providing software solutions for VoIP providers that was used by ISPs and ITSPs.

Talk 2: Hacking hackers for fun and profit (Ruiwen Chua,

Talk Description: I intend to give a quick and dirty intro to AngularJS with examples (hopefully!) from the HSG HackDo management system. AngularJS is a Javascript/HTML framework from Google that massively simplifies the creation of dynamic and interactive web applications. In their own words, it’s a superheroic framework! It’s all in the naming, see? v1.0.1 — thorium-shielding, v1.0.0rc9 — eggplant-teleportation, v0.9.19 — canine-psychokinesis

Speaker Profile: I’ve always been interested in hacking little bits of tech together and when I discovered AngularJS, frontend web development suddenly became a lot cleaner to me. No more mucking about the DOM with Javascript and jQuery, or attempting to create HTML pages with Javascript; Angular was clean, simple and straightforward.

We first used AngularJS in an HTML5 iPad web app for schools, and I would now like to use it as part of of HackerspaceSG’s membership management system — and I need a few good hackers to help me.

Location: COM1 SR3 [COM1/212] Time: 6pm - 9pm Free pizza and mingling @ 6pm, talks start at 7pm. People may leave any time after the talks.

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