Friday Hacks #34, Nov 2

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This week we have two NUS alumni speaking at Friday Hacks. The first talk will be held by Joshua Koo from Zopim, and three.js contributor. The second talk, held by Sivamani Varun, founder of Semantics3, will be speaking about distributed web crawlers.

Location: COM1 SR3 [COM1/212] Time: 7pm - 9pm. Talks start promptly at 7pm. You are welcome to stay and mingle (or hack!) after the talks.

Talk 1: Jump Start in three.js

Talk Description: three.js is a really (if it hasn’t been the most) popular javascript library 3d. Its applications ranges from a just a simple graphic library, to games, visualizations, product enhancements, to even medical field.

Learn to get started, and explore some of the capabilities of this library. Hears tips on common pitfalls and tricks developing with three.js. Get your hands dirty experimenting with examples and exploring a new world of three.js on your web browser..

Preparation: To have an idea of three.js, one can checkout You would probably only need an updated modern browser (Chrome or Firefox), preferably with a decent graphics unit. Having your favorite text editor, git and your usual development tools would be a plus.

Speaker Profile: Among his many interests, he loves creative coding, photography, sports and classical music. He graduated from the school of computing, majored in information systems, and is also an alumni of the NUS Overseas College (SV) and the NUS Symphony Orchestra. After graduating, he joined the teaching staff for the CS3217 (software engineering with iPad). After which he started worked for a silicon valley startup before joining an award winning local startup Zopim (// to help engineer their live chat product towards perfection. In his spare time, he explores realtime browser based experiments, as well as contributing to the open source community, including three.js.

Talk 2: Building a Distributed Web Crawler

Talk Description: In this talk, I will be talking about doing large scale web crawling and the challenges involved. I will then talk about building your own distributed web crawler.

Preparation: Previous experiences with cloud computing services like AWS would be great. Prior knowledge in distributed computing, messaging mechanisms would be beneficial, though not required.

Speaker Profile: Sivamani Varun is the founder of Semantics3. While not dabbling in technical things or talking to customers, he is an aspiring mariner and is a big movie buff. He is a proud NUS alum and holds a bachelors in Computer Engineering.


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