Friday Hacks #39, Feb 1

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This week we have Michael Yong and Gaurav Chandrashekar, two NUS students who have or will be interning at interesting tech companies. Michael will be sharing about lessons he learnt from passing the Quora and Google interviews, and Gaurav will be talking about his experiencing working on localization at Spotify.

Date/Time: Friday, February 1 at 6:30pm Venue: SR2, Education Resource Centre, University Town. Map: // Sign up here: // Free pizza is served before the talks.

Talk 1: Getting that internship: what I learnt. (Michael Yong, NUS Student)

Talk Description: I’ll be sharing my experience and the lessons learnt throughout the entire internship application process.

I’ll also be talking about what I did to prepare for the technical interviews, and what I think made the difference in my application.

Speaker Profile: Michael is a second year Computer Science undergraduate at NUS. He’ll be interning at Google and Quora in the coming summer and is extremely excited. He is also the current President of NUS Hackers.

Talk 2: An Internship Experience: Localization at Spotify (Gaurav Chandrashekar, NUS Student)

Talk Description: As services online expand to new countries, its critical that they are offered in new languages. However, there are challenges that needs to be addressed when you are translating your service to a new language. We’ll touch on these and I’ll also go into my brief experiences.

Speaker Profile: Gaurav Chandrashekar, currently a senior at NUS, spent 4 months at Spotify, Stockholm, in knowing more about localization and setting up translation platform for them.


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