Friday Hacks #41, Feb 15

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This week we have Wong Yi, who will share with us on game programming. Anyone who is interested in this field, or is curious about game programming should definitely come for the talk!

Date/Time: Friday, February 15 at 6:30pm Venue: SR2, Education Resource Centre, University Town. Map: // Sign up here: // Free pizza is served before the talks.

Talk 1: Introduction to Game Object Component Architecture (Wong Yi, Game Programmer, SUTD Game Lab)

Talk Description: Traditionally, objects in games were often developed using a hierarchical, object oriented approach where behaviour and data are inherited from base classes. The component based approach instead treats game objects as a generic container with individual behaviour as separate modules that are aggregated to collectively derive the desired behaviour. This session takes a look at the use of the component based approach in the development of Dark Dot, a flock based top down shooter game for the iPad.

Talk Prep: Optional reading/game playing to get a better idea of the subject matter: Component based software engineering wiki Dark Dot game that the talk would be using as a case study (it’s free!) Unity Game Engine that was used to develop Dark Dot

Speaker Profile: Wong Yi had a long time passion with gaming and entered the game industry as a programmer for Mikoishi after graduating with a degree from NTU. There, he was in the team which developed Dropcast, his first commercial game and also Singapore’s first Nintendo DS game.

Wong Yi then joined GAMBIT, now currently embedded within SUTD and known as SUTD Game Lab. While in GAMBIT, he developed the PC and Windows Phone 7 versions of CarneyVale Showtime as well as Dark Dot for the iPad. Now in SUTD Game Lab, he continues to develop commercial games and is also involved with the Game Innovation Programme set up by the SUTD Game Lab.


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