Friday Hacks #45, Mar 22

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This week we have Dr Michael Brown and Melvin Zhang. These talks are suited for everyone! So come and listen to them!

Date/Time: Friday, March 22 at 6:30pm Venue: SR2, Education Resource Centre, University Town. Map: // Sign up here: // Free pizza is served before the talks.

Talk 1: The Unix Philosophy (Associate Professor, NUS School of Computing)

Talk Description: While Unix is best known as an operating system, the founding fathers of Unix developed it around an entire philosophy on how software should be developed. In this talk, I will discuss the history leading up to the development of Unix as well as some of the underlying principles and practices that make up the Unix Philosophy.

Speaker Profile: Dr. Michael S. Brown is currently an associate professor and assistant dean (external relations) in the School of Computing at NUS. Dr. Brown’s research interests include computer vision, image processing and computer graphics.

Talk 2: Automating your command line workflow with Make (NUS Alum/Programmer@Hoiio)

Talk Description: Make is often used to compile a program from its source files. However, Make is not specific to compilation, it just helps you to invoke the compiler. Make keeps track of dependencies between files and the commands for generating the files. Instead of specifying the command you want to perform, you tell Make to produce a particular file and it figures out and invokes the commands to do so.

This talk covers the basics of writing makefiles and the examples of how Make can be used to automate complex workflows.

Pre-talk preparation Install GNU Make on your system so that you can practice writing a makefile during the talk.

Speaker Profile: Melvin is a programmer at Hoiio, where he is building APIs that allows developers to easily add telephony capability to their apps. In his spare time, Melvin maintains an open source card game named Magarena.

Melvin received his B.Comp (Hons) and Ph.D. degrees from NUS School of Computing.


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