Friday Hacks #48, Apr 19

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This week we have Kelvin Yeung and Miha Ciglar.

Date/Time: Friday, April 19 at 6:30pm Venue: SR2, Education Resource Centre, University Town. Map: // Sign up here: // Free pizza is served before the talks.

Talk 1: Graph Databases (Kevin Yeung - Developer, Thoughtworks)

Talk Description: Kelvin will talk about what graph databases are and how they can be used. He will show 2 examples using neo4j (a graph database running on the JVM).

Speaker Profile: Kelvin is a software developer with more than 10 years of experience across multiple industries including government, logistics, bioinformatics, insurance and telecommunications. His special interest lies in using agile software development principles and techniques to continuously deliver business values to his clients at a sustainable pace.

Talk 2: Ultrasonic Audio Technologies (Miha Ciglar - CEO, Ultrasonic, Audio Technologies Ltd.)

Talk Description: Miha Ciglar will present the technologies behind the Acouspade directional sound system, as well as the “Syntact” new musical interface, which he developed within IRZU – Institute for Sonic Arts Research and its spin-off company Ultrasonic Audio Technologies. While Acouspade uses ultrasonic radiation to create a tight beam of (audible) sound, Syntact provides contact-free tactile feedback, by utilizing airborne ultrasound. It creates a force field in mid-air that can be sensed in a tactile way, and thus, it allows a musician to feel the music’s temporal and harmonic texture. While an optical sensor system is interpreting his hand gestures and mapping the descriptors of hand motion onto sound synthesis/processing parameters, the musician can physically engage with the medium of sound by virtually moulding and shaping it – i.e. changing its acoustic appearance – directly with his hands.

Speaker Profile: Miha Ciglar is a composer and researcher in the field of audio technologies. He holds a MSc degree from the Academy of Music and the University of Technology in Graz, Austria. In 2008, Ciglar founded the Institute for Sonic Arts Research - IRZU. He is the initiator and curator of the international sonic arts festival EarZoom, which takes place annually, since 2009 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. In 2011 he founded the start-up company Ultrasonic audio technologies Ltd. Ciglar was the conference chair of the 2012 International Computer Music Conference (ICMC), which will be held at IRZU in Ljublajna, Slovenia


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