Friday Hacks #65, March 7

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This friday, we’ll be having a Project Intern themed Friday Hacks!

We’ll have two speakers this week!

We’ll have a talk by Rahij on the work he did while at Groupon, followed by a presentation by Michael on the lessons learnt during his internships at Google and Quora.

See you there!

Date/Time: Friday, March 7th at 6:30pm Venue: SR2, Education Resource Centre, University Town Map// Free pizza is served before the talks.

Talk 1: Designing and building out software architecture that scales.

Talk Description:
In school, you’ve probably learnt about different kinds of software design and architecture, and different ways to structure your product to make it scalable. But how and when do you decide to adopt a specific software architecture in your product? When is it overkill and when does it really make a big difference to the stability of your product? I will be talking about some of the work I did at Groupon, regarding software design and implementation, when scaling our product to serve over 50,000 requests per minute. I will end with some pointers about Silicon Valley in general and how/why you should do an internship in the bay area.
Pre-talk preparation tips: A brief read up on Ruby on Rails, node.js and web architecture should be sufficient.

Speaker Profile Rahij is a third year undergraduate, majoring in Computer Science at NUS. He has previously interned at Groupon and will be interning at Facebook in Summer ‘14 and Scribd in Fall ‘14.

Talk 2: What actually happens during Internships.

No, its nothing like the movie.

Talk Description: Every wondered what an Internship at a tech company is like? Contemplating an internship this summer? I’ll be sharing experiences from my two internships, what I worked on and what I learnt.

(I also have some Quora swag to give away :p).

Speaker Profile Michael is a third year Computer Science undergrad at NUS. He previously interned at Google on the Google Docs team. He also took last semester off to do a software engineering internship at Quora. He’ll be going back to Google this summer.

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