Friday Hacks #71, August 15

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For our first Friday Hack of AY2014/2015, we will have our Welcome Tea followed by an introduction to open source development by NUSMods creators, Beng and Yang Shun. See you there!

Date/Time: Friday, August 15 at 6:30pm
Venue: Practice Room 1, Stephen Riady Centre (Level 3), UTown, NUS
Free pizza is served before the talks.

Introduction to NUS Hackers

Talk Description:

As the title puts it, this talk will be about NUS Hackers – what we do and who we are. Come on down to find out more about us and what we can do for you!

Speaker Profile

Vishnu Prem is the current President of NUS Hackers, and has been heavily involved in the local hacking scene for a few years. He has also just completed his internship in Boston with Twitter. (Obviously, he’s an active Twitter user – check him out here.)

How to Level Up as a Developer: the Open Source Way

Talk Description:

Level up faster as a developer with this one weird trick! (Or two or more..)

Beng and Yang Shun will be sharing pointers and strategies on growing as a developer from their own experiences, and observations of others. These experiences come from working on open source projects, taking the killer modules in NUS, hackathons, etc.

Speakers’ Profile

Eu Beng Hee (more commonly just known as Beng) and Tay Yang Shun are the developers behind NUSMods.

Beng just graduated with a B.Comp. (Hons.) in Computer Science from NUS School of Computing and will be joining Google in August. He actually started university life with a double degree in Business and Computing in NTU, but transferred to NUS to concentrate solely on Computing. Beng founded NUSMods in 2012. More about him at

Yang Shun started university life as a mechanical engineer. He got turned off by mechanical engineering modules and jumped ship after semester 1 of his second year. The turning point came when he took CS3217 in the semester after. He then went to Silicon Valley for a year as part of NOC, starting out as an iOS developer before becoming a front end web developer. Yang Shun later took CS3216 in semester 1 of his fourth year and served as Head Tutor for CS1010S. He joined NUSMods in 2014.

Supported by:

NUS Enterprise

The HANGAR by NUS Enterprise — the campus hub for entrepreneurs.

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