Friday Hacks #74, September 5

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Gérard, chief engineer at Airbus Defence & Space, will be sharing about Open Source Intelligence and how the WebLab approach is used to efficiently mine the web.

Date/Time: Friday, September 5 at 6:30pm
Venue: SR4, Town Plaza (Level 2), University Town, NUS
Free pizza is served before the talks.

WebLab Platform for Semantic Media Mining

Talk Description:

While information is abundant online, complex techniques are needed to discover the content’s hidden structures before they are actionnable for intelligence. This week, Gérard will introduce the Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) challenge and its growing importance in civilian security and emergency response. He will then detail the WebLab approach to build flexible and scalable OSINT applications matching the fast-paced nature of OSINT. From semantic data models to upper architecture passing through selected technologies used, the presentation will do a complete tour of the WebLab project.

Speaker Profile

Gérard Dupont is a chief engineer in AIRBUS Defence & Space. He joined the System Design Center for his PhD, where he applied machine learning techniques to interactive information retrieval. He worked on several international research projects involving advanced media mining techniques: information extraction, multimedia processing and semantic knowledge bases.

In particular, Gérard has been working on the WebLab platform since its early design, and participated in its open source release in 2008. He now works on the interactive retrieval components and enhancement of the core architecture (including privacy protection and evaluation bench) through European research projects. Recently he has been involved in a safe city initiative in Singapore as a technical leader.

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