Friday Hacks #90, March 20

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We’ll be having two talks this week! The first will be about building developer communities by Winston Teo, who has organized multiple meetups and conferences over the past several years for the Ruby community. The second talk will be about how Facebook is using Apache Thrift and it will be by Duy, a NUS alumni and an ex-Facebook intern.

See you!

p.s. There will be a Facebook swag giveaway!

Date/Time: Friday, March 20 at 6:30pm
Venue: SR3, Town Plaza, UTown
Free pizza is served before the talks.

Facebook Event link:

Building Developer Communities

Talk description

Developer Communities are awesome for learning, for exchange of ideas, for careers and for friendships. There are several online Developer Communities out there like GitHub and Stack Overflow but it’s so important to have offline Developer Communities too, where people meet face to face over pizzas and drinks and put a face to an online handle.

In this talk, I would talk about why, who and how to build a Developer Community through my experience running the RubySG community since 2012. Hopefully, you would be inspired too to participate / start your own Developer Community and help make the World a better place.

Speaker profile

Winston is an entrepreneur, advisor, full-stack engineer and a happy person at Jolly Good Code - a consultancy that specilises in Agile and Ruby. Besides doing his regular job of writing quality code, Winston also organizes Singapore’s Ruby meetups, Rails Girls and the annual RedDotRubyConf. Sometimes, he speaks at Ruby conferences too - the most recent ones are RubyConf Philippines 2014, Oedo Ruby Kaigi 2014 and RubyConf Taiwan 2014. Occasionally, you might find him contributing to open source projects too.

Apache Thrift at Facebook

Talk description

At Facebook, engineers prefer choosing the best tool and language available for the job over sticking with a single particular programming language. Thrift has been developed at Facebook to assist this development culture without sacrificing performance.

This talk will serve as an introduction to Thrift, and how it can be used to decouple the large-scale system, and to make it easier to implement high-performance and cross-language services

Speaker profile

Duy is Facebook campus ambassador for AY2014-2015 who was interned in payment platform at Facebook last summer. He is currently working at Pear Comms as a backend engineer. He likes algorithms, systems and building developer tools.

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