Friday Hacks #96, Sept 4

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Date/Time: Friday, Sept 4 at 7:00pm
Venue: Seminar Room 3, Town Plaza, University Town

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For this week’s Friday Hacks, we’ll have two talks by GrabTaxi and Jewel Paymentech. Jewel Paymentech will be talking about payment card security.

See you there!

GrabTaxi - Go@Grab

Arul, the VP of Engineering, will be speaking about how GrabTaxi is using the Go programming language in their applications and infrastructure.

Jewel Paymentech - How secure are Stored Value Payment Cards (SVPCs)?

In addition to developing solutions, Jewel Paymentech provides specialised risk and security consultancy services. They were recently engaged as the security advisor for a new payment network in Asia.

Speakers to share some fun facts on payment card security:

  • Credit card vs SVPCs
  • Credit card’s achilles heel: Host Security
  • SVPCs' achilles heel: Card Security
  • Intelligent Fraud Management

Speaker Profile Sean is the CEO of Jewel Paymentech - a financial technology startup specialising in e-payments risk management. Formerly a Director of Fraud and Security Risk at Visa, Sean co-invented Visa’s technology to combat counterfeit card fraud and is a holder of two Visa security patents. He was responsible for the implementation of online multi factor authentication for Visa cards as well as the implementation of EMV chip ATMs in Southeast Asia.

He started his career with PricewaterhouseCoopers, leading the hacking lab team that conducted both penetration testing and forensic services.

Sean is a certified forensic investigator and holds a BSc Computer Engineering from Purdue University.

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