Friday Hacks #138, September 22

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This week we have Dmitry from PayPal who would be talking about functional programming with Scala. We also have Herbert, a Year 3 Computer Science and Mathematics undergraduate who will be talking about solving complex problems using SQL!

Facebook Event here.

Date/Time: Friday, September 22 at 6:30pm
Venue: SR3, Town Plaza, University Town, NUS
Free pizza is served before the talks.

An Introduction to Functional Programming with Scala

Talk Description:

This talk will cover basic material about Functional programming with an example of Scala. The baseline of this talk is built on the concept of learning a new programming language through 3 aspects: Primitives, Means of Combination and Means of Abstraction. I am also going to share my personal experience of using Scala in big enterprises and provide some examples and interesting cases. The main purpose of this talk is to acquaint the audience with some fundamental principles of functional programming, to try to rethink core problems of software engineering and to consider advantages and disadvantages of such engineering approaches. We will also talk about areas where functional programming already plays a dominant role for innovation: data streams, parallel data processing, etc.

Speaker Profile

Dmitry Martyanov, Senior Software Engineer in Paypal Singapore, Risk team. Dmitry has over 5 years of professional experience with Scala in different domains like API services, Data processing, and Distributed Systems. Before moving to Singapore was an architect of enterprise data services in one of the biggest Consumer Digital Banks in the world based in Moscow where Scala was primary language for all middle-tier services.

SQL Queries Wizardry

Talk Description:

SQL is the most common language used to interact with databases nowadays. However, due to its declarative nature, many developers do not realise what goes on under the hood. When faced with more complex problems, developers often turn to ORMs (object-relational mapping) which does not require them to interact with SQL directly. Through this talk, I will show some of the more advanced SQL techniques, and how they can be used to solve complex problems we may face.

Speaker Profile

Herbert is a NUS Hackers coreteam member and a Year 3 Computer Science and Mathematics undergraduate. He interned as a data scientist at Twitter Singapore last summer, running SQL queries every day.

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