Friday Hacks #157, September 7

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Date/Time: Friday, September 7 at 6:30pm
Venue: SR3, Town Plaza Level 2, University Town, NUS
Free pizza is served before the talks.
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Explore FinTech – A Practical Introduction to Systematic Investing

Talk Description:

Be introduced to the world of systematic investing (also known as “quant investing”). This talk will cover GIC’s Systematic Investment Group’s investment philosophy and research process. We will also engage in a broader discussion of how technology, including the growing use of “big data” and “machine learning”, can be applied in investment management companies such as GIC.

Speaker Profile

Yi Li is a portfolio manager with GIC’s Systematic Investment Group (SIG). He is responsible for research and managing proprietary trading models in several multi-asset portfolios. Prior to joining SIG, he spent three years as a portfolio manager with GIC’s Global Macro team, two years as a macro strategist with GIC’s Macro Research and Strategy team and a year as an investment analyst with GIC’s Global Emerging Markets team. He also has experience with other groups in GIC spanning asset allocation, private equity and commodities.

Yi Li attended the Jerome Fisher Program in Management and Technology (M&T) at the University of Pennsylvania, and earned his Bachelor of Science in Economics (Finance, Legal Studies and Operations Management) and Bachelor of Applied Science in Computational Finance and Economic Systems (Individualized), both summa cum laude. Subsequently, he has completed the Quantitative Methods in Finance Graduate Certificate from Stanford University. He is currently a CFA and CAIA charterholder. During his free time, he enjoys tinkering with machine learning tools and techniques, and he was ranked 122th in the world on the Kaggle platform.

Project traintraintrain

Talk Description:

traintraintrain is a proof-of-concept project that allows commuters to track their MRT train locations in real-time from anywhere. We placed Raspberry Pis underneath seats in trains and used wifi scans from the Pis to infer the location of the train. The project arose from our team’s hackathon in January 2018, and we’ll be sharing our journey and some interesting technical details from the project.

Speaker Profiles

Preston Lim

Preston is a software engineer at the Open Government Products team of GovTech. He works on two main projects: (1) the Isomer Pages project to make government informational websites usable and (2) traintraintrain to track MRT trains in real-time. In his spare time, Preston is a musical theatre actor and opera singer. He has a B.S. Bioengineering and M.S. Computer Science from Stanford University.

Joel Choo

Joel is a software engineer at the Open Government Products team of GovTech. He has worked on (1) - the open data portal for Singapore; (2) Beeline - a marketplace for crowdsourced bus services; and (3) traintraintrain - a project to track the location of MRT trains in real-time. He loves to teach people how to code. He has a B.S. Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University.

Loh Liwei

Liwei is a product manager at the Open Government Products team of GovTech. He works on two main projects: (1) - Singapore’s open data repository and (2) the OpenDoc project to make Government public documents more accessible to the public. Liwei has no spare time. He has a Bachelor of Business (Finance and IT) from Nanyang Technological University.

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