Friday Hacks #159, September 21

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Hello Hackers!

This week, PayPal and Carousell will be coming down to talk about reacting to change and automation, topics which are relevant to any software engineer’s life. Special shoutout to PayPal, who’s sponsoring the pizza this week!

Date/Time: Friday, September 21 at 7:00pm
Venue: SR5, Town Plaza Level 2, University Town, NUS

PayPal: The Reactive Mindset

Talk Description:

Re-platforming of the technology stack is the norm in all software development organisations. Software practitioners explore and adopt various architectures and technologies during this process. Even if the task is to build out a brand new stack, what is often missing is the focus on changing the mindset of the entire team to adopt such technologies. This talk focuses on the reactive manifesto and various technologies available which provide a reactive approach to programming. Above all it focuses on the change in mindset required to adopt the reactive way of doing things.

Speaker Profile

Avadhoot has been a software engineer for 17+ years with extensive experience in C++ and Java. He is currently a software architect at PayPal Singapore. He is passionate about new technology trends and finding ways to adopt them in existing technology organisations. He has worked in the Financial domain throughout his career in companies like Citibank, Credit Suisse and now PayPal where he helped develop software solutions for various business units like Credit Analytics, Fixed Income trading etc.

Avadhoot has a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Pune.

Carousell: Automate! Lazy is not bad.

Talk Description:

Before launching a feature or making change to an existing feature, Carousell’s product teams will carry out A/B experiments to test the feature or change. To decide if a feature/change has positive impact to the marketplace, we look at data and leverages on statistics to make decisions.

Our product data analysts are responsible in computing the experiment summary as well as design and build dashboard on the summary. After several experiments, we have found a pattern in the experimentation workflow of an analyst and have built an Experimentation Reporting Framework (ERF) to automate some part of the pattern.

Looker is the tool we are using for data visualization and reporting, and it is also the tool used for dashboarding on experiment summary. Today, we will be sharing how we make use of Looker’s API to automate dashboard building in ERF.

Speaker Profile

Jack is a Business Intelligence Analyst with Carousell. His responsibility is to maintain and improve the data platform in Carousell which includes the data warehouse, data processing pipeline, data visualisation tool as well as develop internal data tools to improve the team’s workflow. Jack is also a NUS alumni from School of Computing, under Business Analytics. In his third year in NUS, he embarked on a NOC journey in Silicon Valley where he interned at Playphone as data analyst.

Wei Jian is a Product Analyst in Carousell. His core responsibilities include setting up AB experiments to measure the impact of a new app feature, and also assist his team in making data-driven decision by setting up dashboard metrics, consulting his product manager on what metrics to measure and how to interpret data into insights.


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