Friday Hacks #164, November 9

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Hello Hackers!

Special shoutout to PayPal this week, who’s sponsoring the pizza!

Date/Time: Friday, November 9 at 7:00pm
Venue: The HANGAR by NUS Enterprise

AI in FinTech

Talk Description:

This session will mainly cover the concept of AI, different fundamental AI technologies, process of AI implementation, application of AI in industry (specifically in FinTech world) and limitation of AI. The talk will further cover implementation aspect of AI like-

  • methodology to apply AI
  • technical options to implement AI/ML
  • basic tensorflow example for ML

Speaker Profile

Parag Profile Picture Jack Profile Picture

Parag has been working on Java for last 15 years with a major part of it coding for micro-service based web applications. Currently, he is part of PayPal’s Core Wallet Engineering Team as a Member of Technical Staff (MTS) and works on maintaining the functionality, quality, and performance of the Wallet APIs.

Jack is a senior software engineer and NUS Alumni & has been working in the payment industry for the last 7 years with a focus on application design and development.

Spiking Neural Networks

Talk Description:

Over the past few years, Neural Networks have demonstrated superior performance in tasks such as image classification and motion tracking. However, these networks are not well suited for mobile and embedded systems due to power and computational constraints which allows for only simple models to be used. Spiking Neural Networks have been shown to be much more energy efficient compared to more traditional NN architectures, allowing us to perform more inferences with more complex models on edge devices.

Speaker Profile

Kyle is a year 3 Computer Engineering Undergraduate and is currently working on an UROPs project on accelerators for spiking neural networks.


Supported by:

NUS Enterprise

The HANGAR by NUS Enterprise — the campus hub for entrepreneurs.

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