Friday Hacks #171, March 22

Posted on by Hao Wei

Date/Time: Friday, March 22 at 7:00pm
Venue: Seminar Room 5, Level 2, Town Plaza, University Town, NUS

RX Java: Reactive extensions for the JVM

Talk Description:

With mobile apps getting more complex, we want to provide interactive solutions to users, where they never face a situation where the app hangs or freezes.

We introduce the reactive programming paradigm in Java and show how it can be used to build asynchronous, resilient and scalable apps and systems while keeping the code easy to reason about.

Speaker Profile

Arun Sivakumar and Junaid Sakib are senior engineers at Circles.Life.

Circles.Life is Asia’s first fully digital telco and consumer company, launched in June 2016.

Reliable and scalable workflows with AWS Step Functions

Talk Description:

At Viki, we have multiple workflows and pipelines crucial to our business, which ranges from content ingestion from our content providers to email verification for users. A single workflow usually consists of an array of steps, including tasks and decisions.

As our business grows, it is vital that the engineering team finds solutions to make our workflows scalable and reliable.

This talk will focus on how we leveraged AWS services to accomplish it and how you can apply the same concepts and tools set to ensure you have peace of mind when it comes to handling complex workflows.

Speaker Profile

Quang is an NTU graduate, who has been working at Viki for almost 2 years as a system multimedia engineer in the Platform team.

His daily tasks include (but not limited to) building and scaling interfaces for Viki’s multimedia pipeline.

Supported by:

NUS Enterprise

The HANGAR by NUS Enterprise — the campus hub for entrepreneurs.

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