Friday Hacks #176, August 23: Functional Data Structures & Data Pipelines

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Date/Time: Friday, August 23 at 7:00pm
Venue: The Hangar by NUS Enterprise

Intro to purely functional data structures

Talk Description:

Data structures used in imperative languages, like arrays and hashtables, depend on “destructive” assignment to be efficient. Functional programming languages recommend a different approach to data structure design. We’ll explore some basic examples of purely functional data structures and talk about how to recover efficiency.

Speaker Profile

After acquiring a degree in Computer Science in his native Berlin, Max Wolter got his start as a freelance software developer. He moved to Hong Kong in 2013 and has been with Jane Street Capital since 2015, working as a senior software developer on all things to do with financial symbology.

Kedro - Production Ready Data Pipelines

Talk Description:

Spending long hours hunting down data sources, cleaning and building machine learning models only makes sense if your work can be deployed and achieve value for users. QuantumBlack is an advanced analytics company specialising in ingesting, engineering and modelling with huge amounts of real-world data from clients. In this talk, we would like to discuss tips and tricks, tied to real life projects of working with large data, and building production ready code from the outset. We will also share details on Kedro, QuantumBlack’s open source pipelining tool, that we use on all our engagements to structure work, and deploy quickly.

Speaker Profile

Prashant Yadav is a Senior Data Engineer at QuantumBlack. He works on building and designing data architecture and pipeline for analytics and machine learning projects. He specialises in Big Data Processing, Cloud, ETL Data Pipelines and Data Warehousing.

Paul Beaumont is a Senior Data Scientist at QuantumBlack. He works on statistical models for explanatory, predictive and prescriptive problems, and his role involves designing mathematical models to help clients understand pertinent questions about their data. Paul holds a PhD in Mathematics & Computer Science, and leads QuantumBlack’s R&D efforts in Causal Inference.

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See you there!

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