Friday Hacks #183, Oct 25: Runtime schedulers and aspect sentiment analysis

Posted on by Raynold Ng

Date/Time: Friday, Oct 25 at 7:00pm
Venue: Town Plaza Seminar Room 5, UTown, NUS

Runtime schedulers: Java ForkJoinPool, Goroutines

Talk Description:

An introduction to the scheduling mechanisms used by the Java Fork Join Pool and Golang Goroutines.

Speaker Profile

Chen Shaowei is a 3rd-year computer science student at the National University of Singapore.

Aspect sentiment analysis for company benefits

Talk Description:

Job seekers are very interested in the benefits a company provides. We can summarize how often benefits are mentioned in reviews about the companies, but the raw counts can be misleading—the review can be complaining about the lack of or poor quality of a benefit. This problem calls for aspect sentiment analysis—annotating the sentiment of a particular topic or aspect in a text as opposed to the sentiment of the text as a whole. We discuss the problem in detail, the initial out-sourced solution, and how we replaced this with a solution built in-house during a hackathon.

Speaker Profile

Alex Shinn is a senior software engineer at Indeed.

Please RSVP at our Facebook event here if you are coming so we know how many people to cater for.

See you there!

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