Friday Hacks #198, January 22

Posted on by Mayank Keoliya

Date/Time: Friday, January 22 at 7:00pm
Venue: Online on Zoom
Zoom Link:

How Fluminu(r)s was Built

Talk Description:

Fluminus and Fluminurs are CLI tools to automate downloading files from LumiNUS, the new learning management system that NUS uses to replace IVLE. Unlike IVLE, there is no open, easily accessible API available to students. This talk will describe how I built Fluminus and Fluminurs in spite of this limitation.

Speaker Profile:

Julius is a recently graduated Computer Science undergrad and an NUS Hackers coreteam member for the past 3 years. His interests include functional programming and distributed systems. Outside of computer science, he also enjoys Space Exploration, History, and Music Theory (reflected in his favourite games: Kerbal Space Program and Europa Universalis IV)

URA - Space Out Project

Talk Description:

Space Out is a map-based website that provides the public with regular updates on the crowd levels in malls, supermarkets, and other public facilities across Singapore. Space Out seeks to provide timely information and past trends on crowd levels to assist people in choosing where to go for a variety of retail and recreation purposes, so as to promote safe distancing amidsts the Covid-19 situation. This was also to support operators in better managing the crowd levels at their premises, as well as to facilitate more evenly-distributed crowds across different facilities.

Speaker Profile:

Ms Jazreel Siew is a Systems Analyst in Digital Planning Lab, Information Systems and Geospatial Group. Her interests include software development, DevOps, and geospatial systems.

See you there!

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