Friday Hacks #200, February 19

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Date/Time: Friday, February 19 at 7:00pm
Venue: Online on Zoom
Zoom Link:

No-Code: The Future of Software Development?

Talk Description:

You may have heard of the ‘No-Code Movement’ over the last few years, but what is it, why are people talking about it, and is it really the future of software development?

Join Edward Hutchins, a product management consultant at ThoughtWorks, in this session to discover:

  • What is No-Code and why do you need to pay attention to it?
  • What are the implications of No-Code on software developers?
  • What is No-Code’s place in the future of software development?

Speaker Profile:

Edward is a lead consultant product manager at ThoughtWorks. He has over 10 years experience working in the tech industry, from startups, to banks, and his own companies.

Now he uses his diverse experience (he has been a developer, business analyst, project manager, and product manager) to help others transform their businesses and build awesome products.

10 Things We Learnt at Y Combinator

Talk Description:

In this talk, Thet, the co-founder and CEO of Traverse Technologies will share his experience of starting a startup, applying and getting into YCombinator, and graduating and fund-raising on demo day. He will speak about Traverse’s unique experience as a deep-tech / deep-industry startup based out of Singapore going through 3 months of YC’s grueling and humbling process, learning how to startup and eventually raising funds from Silicon Valley investors.

Speaker Profile:

Thet is the CEO and co-founder of Traverse AI. Traverse helps project developers build the best renewable energy projects anywhere in the world via workflow automation and high performance computing permutations of civil, mechanical and electrical engineering processes. Thet founded Traverse while working as a fund manager at a renewable energy private equity investment group where he started by writing hacky scripts to find good sites in large geographic areas to invest in. He graduated from NUS Materials Science and went to NUS Overseas Colleges, Stockholm.

See you there!

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