Friday Hacks #203, March 26

Posted on by Mayank Keoliya

Date/Time: Friday, March 26 at 7:00pm SGT (11am GMT)
Venue: Online on Zoom
Zoom Link:

Help! I Just Got Hired As a Junior Dev (WFH Edition)

Talk Description:

So you’ve gotten your first job or internship as a developer.

Now what?

This talk covers the common anxiety and issues new developers face, as they try their best to navigate getting work done and imposter syndrome - or worse, politics at the work place. The talk’s sprinkled with advice on how to be productive when you’re working from home!

Speaker Profile:

Eugene Cheah is a developer turned serial entrepreneur, who likes to build big things, in big programming projects.

He is now the CTO at his latest startup Uilicious - which allows development teams and QA testers to automate web application testing through a single cloud platform. Helping detect those pesky bugs (hopefully) before they reach into production!

In his spare time, he writes random articles, and fools around on open source projects, silly ideas, and the local developer meetup community (before 2020). In the past, he could also be randomly spotted at NUSHackers throughout 2015/2016.

Disaster Recovery with

Talk Description:

Ever wondered what tech companies do if there’s a cyber attack? Or a hurricane at their data centre? Maybe a pandemic, too. The answer - disaster recovery, the prep that companies do to avoid a catastrophic loss of data after a human or natural disaster.

This talk covers the Postmans team’s journey in designing and implementing their disaster recovery strategy. It’ll cover a walkthrough of their recovery set up on Amazon Web Services (AWS), online and offline backup strategies, and how to measure their effectiveness.

Speaker Profile:

Kee Wei is a Software Engineer working at Open Government Products. He currently works on, a self-service platform that allows public officers to broadcast emails, SMS and Telegram messages to citizens.

See you there!

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