Hackerschool: Data Visualisation in Python + Tableau

Posted on by Ranice

This workshop has ended; here are links to the materials and recording:

Date/Time: Saturday, 18 Sep 2021, 10am – 12pm
Venue: Online on Zoom

In this workshop, we will go through fuss-free ways to visualise data using Plotly, a Python library to produce aesthetic plots, together with Tableau.


Tableau is a popular data visualisation tool, which enables non-technical users to create visuals that can be understood by professionals at any level. We’ll explore different basic plotting techniques, such as comparison and distribution, to identify relationships and similarities between variables.

Through this workshop, you’ll learn how to present engaging mission-critical insights with impactful visualisations on real-world data. Fret not! We will be here to guide you through interactive code-alongs in this workshop.

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