Friday Hacks #211

Posted on by Zhang Ziqing

Date/Time: Friday, October 22 at 5:00pm
Venue: Online on Zoom
Zoom Link:

Explore quantum computing through gaming

Talk Description:

You must have heard a lot of news about Quantum Computers lately. But do you know that today you can not only run programmes on actual Quantum Computers (e.g. via IBM Quantum Experience), but also play games on them? This webinar talk will introduce to you the wonderland of Quantum games and see how games can help people learn quantum computing concepts.

Speaker Profile:

Huang Junye is a Quantum Developer Advocate at IBM. He is part of the Qiskit community team whose mission is building an open, diverse and inclusive quantum community. He is focusing on promoting quantum education in the Asia Pacific region. He organized the first Qiskit university hackathon in the world and is a guest lecturer for quantum computing courses at Singapore universities (NUS, SMU and SUTD). In addition, he leads and supports regional and global educational initiatives such as the IBM Quantum Challenge and the Qiskit Global Summer School. His passion for quantum computers drives him to create educational games for quantum computers such as QPong, a quantum version of Pong which he created at the first Qiskit camp. QPong was subsequently ported to a physical Quantum arcade machine and toured around Europe, including the EU Quantum Flagship Event in Helsinki in October 2019. You can find Junye on Twitter: @HuangJunye.

Junye will be running some demos of quantum circuits / programs on real quantum computers on the cloud. To run such programs yourself, you can register an account on IBM Quantum before the event through this link where you can access 8 quantum systems hosted on IBM Cloud.

Linters in Dart

Talk Description:

In this talk, we’ll go through a basic introduction on how to write linters in Dart. Dart is an object-oriented programming language with C-style syntax developed by Google. It’s most commonly used in Flutter, an open-source UI software development kit by Google, for building cross-platform applications from a single codebase. We’ll go through how to write static analysis tools in Dart.

Speaker Profile:

Jeffery is a software engineer in Google’s Client Infrastructure team, with a focus on developing Dart and Flutter infrastructure for Google Payments. He is also an NUS alumnus.

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